Cyber Security Services

Intrusion Prevention System

Threat based prevention based on system indicators

Exploit Kits

Kali Linux - Software tools Maltego - Greenbone -


Zero-Day Attack

Cyber Threat Assessment

Monitoring activity on the customer's network. Report the findings and interpret the report.

ICRealtime - Ella

TAA compliant line of equipment
ICRealtime 10 Year Product Warranty
Lifetime Tech Support Experts
Assembled in America
No Licensing Fees - Ever
MAC and Windows Desktop Software
iPhone and Android ICView or ICRSS Pro App

Resideo "Honeywell"

Alaskan Network Security is proud to offer a wide range of alarm and security services that include the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of security products designed with your specific business needs in mind. These services include exterior and interior intrusion detecting devices: motion sensors, glass break sensors, door and window contacts, duress, panic, and hold up alarm devices.

Resideo Smart Pro

Supporting all the products arising before this new generation; cellular is better and more stable, accessories are getting smarter and able to plant them further away. Video is on the rise with playback in your palm. Resideo wants to introduce Total Connect Remote Services. The suite of next-generation devices include motion, smoke and glassbreak detectors, smoke and CO combination, a door/window sensor, two-way wireless key and siren. Designed for systems that support Honeywell Home SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology, these devices deliver significant advantages—including faster installation, easier troubleshooting, remote diagnostics

Intrusion Detection System

Threat based detection based on key signatures.


Attack Surface - Any exposed place in our environment that a bad actor can use to gain entry to, or extract something of value from, the places we want to protect.

Mircom TX3-Touch

Offering professional multi-tenant entry services Stylish faceplate touch screen design.
Built-in HD webcam, postal lock & prox card reader
Configurable Welcome Screen
Voice & Video Help - Wheelchair Accessible
Visitor Access via phone and code
Revenue generating advertising module available
3 Year Warranty

Linear - Telephone Entry Systems

When your multi-tenant residential building customers need a scalable approach to controlling access, Linear® telephone entry systems are the solution. We offer advanced commercial telephone entry systems with access control capabilities for sites with up to sixty-four doors and gates, each supporting request-to-exit and door status monitoring.
The Model AE-100 Commercial Single Door Telephone Entry System is designed for use as a primary access control device for apartments, condominiums, and offices with up to 125 residents.

Violet Remote Management

Remote Support prevents costly truck roll-out service calls.
Fixing issues in minutes instead of an hour later.
Easy monthly subscriptions or yearly agreements.
Agent Deployment - Luxul, Ruckus, Synology, Raspberry
Network Security - Parental Control - Internet Speed
Real time alerts on IT issues - products off line - Bandwidth
Reports & Logging - 30 day Activity History
Desktop, Android or IOS app
Notifications via email / push notifications

Superior Essex

Offering professional installation of premise to OSP Copper - riser, plenum, or outdoor rated Cat5e to Cat6A, We provide cables that fit your RFP needs. We also provide premise and OSP Fiber for interconnect applications. Simplex, Duplex and Quad Optical Fiber Interconnect Cables are typically used for patch cords and intrabuilding installations. Superior Essex designed these cables for environments where small size, flexible construction and flame resistance are required. These cables are available in both riser and plenum versions. Higher performance optical fibers are offered, including bend insensitive G.657.A1 single mode and 10G/300 OM3 and 10G/550 OM4 laser optimized 50 µm multimode.

Hubbell Structured Cabling & Connectors

Hubbell Premise Wiring is committed to maintaining a tradition of excellence and delivering unmatched quality, innovation and reliability. Our solutions offer a fully integrated system of copper and fiber network cabling and components that are designed to exceed all applicable standards for performance and reliability. Planning a complete data integration system for a business starts with the best structured equipment. Racks and cabinets are the industry backbone of data-comm and distributing that cable plant to all departments matter for data integrity. A good cable management solution starts with Hubbell.

Residential Security Services

Axis Companion Series

You work hard to have a home to relax at, your camera system should work hard for you.AXIS S3008 provides reliable recording thanks to the surveillance-grade hard drive. This high-performance recorder offers gigabit uplink for video recordings in ultra-high definition. And, because the recordings are encrypted, you can be sure your data is protected. The recorder includes a USB port for export of video. Plus, for enhanced cybersecurity, you can easily access your footage from anywhere with the Axis Secure Remote Access technology. Furthermore, this recorder comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can depend on first-class quality, reliability and support from Axis all the way.
Just imagine; Moose and Lynx set off the alerts, you can check and see them right from the smart phone.

Digital Watchdog

Powers up in 30 seconds or less
CCIP camera encryption
PoE power for cameras directly connected
4K resolution camera support
Real-Time Monitoring 30fps
Auto Device Discovery
DW Witness mobile app with PathFinder

Skybell HD - WiFi Video Doorbell

The smartest device to add security to any home with WiFi, the door bell camera provides insight, from packages left at the door to kids playing pranks and running.
The SkyBell video doorbell is truly the eyes to the smart home™, providing superior protection you can trust to keep your home safe. SkyBell can deter intruders from breaking into your home! It's so effective, police departments often receive photos and video from the SkyBell Village™ network that can be used to catch criminals.
1080p HD Video w/ 5x zoom - Hear and speak with guests.
Motion sensor alerts even if the doorbell doesn't get pushed.
Live Monitoring and retention subscription service.
Activity history on events and calls.
Multiple users and multiple devices on each account.
Theft Guarantee - Free replacement.

Automation - Resideo Total Connect 2.0

Products have come a long way from engineer level integration. With a desire to monitor just about anything in your home, we would like to help you incorporate that into your smart home. Truly a marvel in today's technology. Smart locks and thermostat units are just the base of smart devices available for your home. Schedule your heat in the winter when your at work and cool down in the summer right before you get home - all while watching your saving. With a wifi water leak and freeze detector, save yourself a costly bill by getting an alert if you have a sudden leak. Did you close the garage door when you left, check the app and let it secure itself. All the technology power within your mobile phone.

Alarm Systems - Lynx or Lyric

What makes a Resideo home a supported home? It's the connections behind the walls, before your eyes and throughout your life. The way homeowners become home masters and pros become home heroes. And ultimately, the way products become partners to keep the people and possessions under each roof comfortable, safer and more secure. Put your home’s potential in the palm of your hand. Control your thermostat, monitor your security systems, even track energy usage from anywhere, all with ease and all with the Honeywell Home app.

GoToMyAlarm - ADM

If you are looking to pay less on your cellular monitoring! If you are paying for extra "STUFF" and just need basics. If you want to use your internet to monitor your alarm signals or if you have a basic "phone-line" account and want to PAY LESS! Talk with us now! (907) 341-9837 and ask about paying less for monitoring!
($12 - $19 - $29 - $34 - $39 - $45) We can hook you up.

Lorex Technologies - Floodlights

Dual LED Floodlights The camera is equipped with dual LED floodlights that can produce a total of 4,000 lumens together. There are three ways of activating the floodlights: motion, on a schedule, or manually. In motion-triggered mode, the lights will automatically turn on when the passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects movement. They will then automatically turn off after the designated duration. You also have the option to activate the floodlights manually or on a schedule through the Lorex Home app. The two LED floodlights can be independently adjusted vertically and horizontally, so you can create a customized area where you want each floodlight to fall.

Automation Services

The Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt combines advanced features and compatibility with your home automation or security system, allowing you to control your lock from anywhere and freeing you from the hassles of lost keys, getting locked out, or hiding a spare for friends and family. If you need help with installation, contact us and we will complete your setup and if you have a compatible security alarm system, setup this function within your alarm panel for automation controls.
** Some stipulations apply.

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