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The National Average of Crime is down…..
                               Anchorage and Alaska are still extremely high.
483 victims to Rape that were reported.
363 cases of Robbery at gunpoint, weapon, or threat.
1617 reported cases of Burglary in the state.
1785 Assault Offenses reported to Anchorage Police.
9900 reported cases of Personal Property crimes.
6657 cases of Larceny reported in 2018.
1623 cases of Vehicle Theft, many never found after being reported.
51 cases of Arson, burned property, valuables, and other losses.
crime-data-explorer (2018)

Providing security based video surveillance, alarm systems, and controlled door access solutions in Alaska
, we want to empower you with the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your family or business. We offer more than just security cameras in Alaska, we custom design your system for your specific site location. We’re bonded, licensed, and insured.
We are Specialty Contractors for low voltage, data-com, and security signaling in the state of Alaska

According to a 2013 article from USA Today, Alaska ranks third for the most dangerous states in the US. And according to Alaska Dispatch News in 2015, Alaska now ranks 1st for most violent state in the union.

We offer many ways of protecting what matters to you and minimizing or preventing your losses.




Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Surveillance Systems

Commercial Surveillance Systems

Scan Entry

Access Control


Residential Surveillance Systems


Residential Alarm


View Your Camera System From Anywhere

Access Control Door Systems * Maglocks * Keypads and Door Codes

Structured Data-Com * Cabled Network and Fiber Services * Wireless

 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
Phone-line only $10 per Month
Internet only $18 per Month
Cellular only $35 per Month
Call you before calling the Police


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