Attention: As of Sept. 1st 2018 we will no longer provide business to new clients. We have successfully maintained business in Anchorage and our growth struggles to provide for new business. We wish to provide the best service to our valued clients and continue until the end of the year. All of the current clients we maintain remain a value to us and we will provide our services to them exclusively until a suitable solution resolves our growth needs. Thank you for the continued support and best wishes.

We are a local Alaskan company based in Anchorage providing high quality security products and integration for all of Alaska. When you contact Alaskan Network Security, you get personalized customer service.

We combine 20 years of experience in the industry of Surveillance, Access Control (including Multi-tenant entry), Intrusion Alarms, and Networking systems with our focus on the best resolution, the best features, and the best security for your business or home.

We have provided network based solutions to hospitals, public schools, State governments, retail businesses, and to residential homes.



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Commercial Surveillance Systems

Commercial Surveillance Systems

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