Access Control

Sacred Heart Access Control

Offering professional installation, retro-fitting, and maintenance of access control systems.

Access control systems control the who, the how, and the when a person is able to enter a building or a particular section of the facility. This control of entry is handled by authenticating the user’s credentials via a key card with a axis-logodatabase. The user is identified at the security checkpoint, their credentials are processed for authentication, and, if the user is authorized, the system allows access; if not, access is denied. A secondary function of access control is to log and track the activities of the users in the event of an incident.

banner-synergisAn access control system installed by Alaskan Network Security will provide the ability to detect intrusion and emergency situations, determine which of your employees have accessed the building, and supervise and control access within the premises.

We provide FREE site evaluations and tailor to each specific business’ needs and design a complete system to protect employees, property, and livelihood. Alaskan Network Security is proud to offer a wide range of services that include the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of security products.

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