Data Communications

Communications infrastructure is the backbone of business today. Alaskan Network Security offers along with our security services, a data communications service. We provide cabling services as a sub-contractor to electricians or independently for your offices and buildings. Fiber and wireless are the most common mediums used to provide a point to point backbone for the main distribution facilities.

Copper wiring known as Cat5E or Cat6 is typically used between devices through an intermediate distribution facility known as the network closet or professionally as the Main Distribution Facility. Providing clean up services to assist with cable management is a secondary service if requested for existing infrastructures. We want your network to be fast and the data to be readily available. When considering upgrading your network, let us help provide a solution that will pair well with our security packages that we configure and install.

As an integration specialist providing datacom in the commerical environment, Alaskan Network Security uses the National Electrical Code 2017 as the reference for all installations. We have to keep our ‘Specialty Contractor’ license renewed each year so we stay current with our business license. That experience gets handed down to you through practice of application during the installation. It is important for the business owner to be compliant in building add-ons and not susceptible to code violations from handy-man trades. 
NEC Article 300 discusses Wiring Methods and are broken down into sections with exceptions to the code when needed. Using grommet bushings in metal studded walls when passing cables through the finished space to location is covered in article 300.4(B) and you don’t have to secure wiring in a finished wall when fishing wires to a network keystone plate. Article 300.4(D) exception 2.
Sometimes there is a need to transistion between building levels of different grades or sections that may move or expand due to heating/cooling of the seasons. There is a compliance for this as well; article 300.4(H) explains structural joints and best practices.

We will provide a network analysis for the security products we provide to customize your network design requirements and future growth needs. We work along side your network administrators and then implement that design to accept any of our security services.

Depending on the individual client needs, we will offer the right switching products for your site and will also configure server installs to accept our security products and services.

To find out how we are able to customize your network to your specific needs, give us a call or please fill out our request a quote form!