Alarm Systems


Alaskan Network Security is proud to offer a wide range of alarm and security services that include the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of security products designed with your specific business needs in mind. These services include exterior and interior intrusion detecting devices, motion sensors, glass break sensors, door and window contacts, duress, panic, and hold up alarm devices.

Honeywell has provided Alaskan Network security with the tools and applications that allow the homeowner or business entrepreneur to have the security of their premise in their hands 24 hours a day with the Total Connect application for smartphone users. Remote arm, disarm, status check and a host of other services capable of controlling your smart home in this technical era we live in. Real-time alerts, asset tracking, GPS vehicle location, and video viewing from your mobile giving you peace of mind within your palm. Log into your cameras and view up to 6 cameras at a time, playback and keep an eye on your kids, elderly, relatives, pets and property. Remotely control home embedded Z-Wave products for access to your lights, thermostats, locks and other devices that give you the control while your across town or across the world.

  • Vista Control Panels offer the most solid features and robust system capacities makes Vista panels the ideal intrusion detection installation choice. Models starting with 15P and ranging through the 250VPT offer partition based controls and sensor management. Life safety, burglar annunciation, and schedule controls leverage the features of the Vista models. Base description keypads to color and touch displays provide the owner with a range of modularity. Starting with a telco connection and improving to an IP or Cellular secondary monitoring communicator, the speed at which signals upload and download deliver the safety and support of electronic security. Hardwired expansions, graphic keypads, two-wired smoke and heat sensors with scheduling options and a host of end-user and installer features seperate the Vista panel from other six-zone panels – offering you the most panel for the dollar.
  • Lynx L5210, L7000 allows up to 4 cameras to be viewed remotely using Honeywells Total Connect Remote Service. Additionally you can automate lights, locks and thermostats with video and security. The security of being protected and able to view or control your household even when your not there. Honeywell’s LYNX Connect app provides you with the ability to use your iOS or Android device to view video and operate the system on premise.
  • Lyric Gateway or Controller simplifies home comfort, security and awareness at the tip of your fingers, even while away. Together with built in camera, voice prompt controls, wifi, z-wave, and backup battery, we offer intuitive support using System Health Check, 128-bit encryption and remotely managed diagnostics and updates. We can provide you a vibrant 7” finger flicking display that is easy to use and intuitively easy to learn. The Lyric controller, paired with wireless SiX sensors delivers a great contemporary, low-profile connection experience right out of the box.

We partner with American Digital Monitoring to provide Alaskans an affordable alternative to protect their belongings while they are asleep, and the convenience of remote access for controls and security while away. Digital monitoring over internet, cellular, or phone line provides notifications in the event of a break-in, extreme temperature and water detection, CO2, smoke, fire or duress circumstances.

Having the SecureSmart virtual keypad application offered by IPDATATEL allows access to your alarm system, control locks, cameras, garage doors, thermostats and delivers full control of your home at the touch of the application on your smartphone. Cloud services offers the affordable solution designed for businesses and homeowners to retain video media, playback and edit motion activations, control camera settings, edit account and camera settings, and view multiple live view cameras simultaneously.

You are able to determine who last armed the alarm system, who accessed the area, and are able to link your Alaskan Network Security Surveillance System to the alarm system to generate an alert to authorities as well as video honeywell-logoto record what happened!

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