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Price is the big offset with any surveillance system. You can spend $499 to $899 for a Do-It-Yourself kit at the big brand store and you will have exactly that. They are a deterrent and will provide video but you will not have a professionally mounted and installed system that you expect from a professional service integrator. Our name represents an idea and a method. We excel beyond axis-logothe low grade, old-school CCTV crowd with a clear message, we provide a better product. Network video surveillance provided by Alaskan Network Security is cutting edge and the new standard for the industry.

Our methods include surveying the property, measuring the height of placement, securing the product with a professionally installed mount, fasteners, and cabling. We look at the depth of field, field of view, pixel density, and lighting considerations. If your cameras are located outdoor, we want to be sure the rating of the housing is arctic rated and IP66 and IK10 specific.

Video cameras using Internet Protocol (IP) send digital packets either via an established network infrastructure or by a new dedicated network system using modern switching interfaces! We implement the most recent version of H.264 or Zipstream technology for the most efficient method of recording and video storage available on the market. And, with certain video management software (VMS) platforms, you have the ability to implement Edge Recording. This is good when trying to minimize network load.

exacqVision-logo-grayThe network surveillance design cuts infrastructure costs for businesses and provides higher quality image recording, storing, and playback features. High-resolution cameras can be set up to cover every area of a premises and it can all be directed to one screen or multiple monitors.

Internet Protocol cameras produce a better resolution, have better day/night low lux features, can be easily accessed remotely from anywhere with a computer or mobile device, record and view live simultaneously, record on motion only, and easy search times and places to find activities of interest. The surveillance system can be tied to access control and security alarm systems as well, and different settings per camera can be configured to generate a specific motion area and ignore other areas.

Alerts and rules can be utilized with analytics to provide an event based recording and notification system to provide instant response when triggered. Alerts to the mobile or client PC can be noticed immediately and responded to according to your entity policies. Once a specific video clip has been isolated,english_02 the user can then either, save to a flash drive, burn the video to a DVD to give to law enforcement, or save it as a file to a hard drive for internal use.

Our professionally installed camera systems aid in loss prevention, false claims, monitor active areas & entryways, and deter burglaries. Thank you for considering Alaskan Network Security for your security needs.

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