Multiple Payment Methods

Not only do we want to provide the best products and services, we also want you to be free to pay however you choose! That’s why we offer many payment methods including precious metals and bitcoin!

Cash: Simple. We’ll send an invoice, you pay in

Credit: We can accept Credit Cards in person or we can send you an invoice that you can pay online.

Check: We can accept Purchase orders and payments by check

Paypal Logo

Paypal: Paypal is easy!


Bitcoin: When a sale is made, we will send you an address that you can send your bitcoins to. If you dont know anything about bitcoins, the easiest way to start is through

logoPrecious Metals: Will also gladly accept Gold or Silver Bullion! That’s .999 % fine! If you would like to pay in precious metals but need to acquire them first, check out a great company from Denver Colorado, Amagi Metals!