Remote Management Services

Monitoring Packages starting at $2600 annually.
Truck Roll per visit $120hr

We specialize in security products that help benefit your asset protection plan. After installation, you assume the responsibility of usage. If you don’t use those products for their intended use, they will not provide the benefit of protection. The security is there but if you don’t use the characteristics of said product, they provide little value.
Remote Monitoring and Management “RMM” has many benefits for small and medium sized companies that require technical environments but the business model may not be network savvy. Choosing the right RMM system that fits your company model is a taylor-fit business. The industry offers a variety of factors to look at. We provide four basics to narrow the market in our favor; helping you to get the right start in utilizing a great resource.
1. Fast deployment and setup.
2. Price and Flexibility with quarterly billing.
3. Visibility and Reporting with graphs and statistics
4. Automation and Alerts of your devices and events.

Each line provides several considerations to help choose your package of requirements.
Fast Deployment and Setup.
It is important that once you purchase a product or service, you begin immediately to get the best results over time for the money you are spending. We install an agent; a device that is attached to your network. It collects the data we need to monitor remotely and allows our team to connect to devices as if on the same network on location. For most installs, we can fix the issue before you notice the problem, every time. If we are not able to fix the issue remotely; we notify you immediately and prepare the next step of arriving onsite. Why pay for a van to roll out and check on a problem when it could be solved over the Internet? It saves you money and the provider the time of the trip charge. Pay for a trip when it is needed, after services have been verified that it is a physical issue that needs a hands-on approach, that just makes sense.

Price and Flexibility with quarterly billing is exactly what it means. You are paying for a service and that requires hard work, skills and time. Time is money when it is invested well and both parties are benefiting from the labors. When we provide an agent on the network and a problem arises; we have the capability to fix the issue immediately. You are paying for that service. As stated previously; RMM is a taylor-fit business and many factors are at work providing and smoothing out the process. You elect to only pay for the role out of the van, we will be ready to meet you at the door. You want to have us immediately dispatch when we get the notification, we will be the first to fix the issue. We want to help your business grow by doing what we do best, just like you. Billing is quarterly so that as your network and business fluctuates, the process is ebb and flow.

Visibility and Reporting with graphs and statistics are the best way to see your dollars at work. From the first day of monitoring, you can look at the statistics of the device online. How many devices are on the network, network diagnostic information for speed and latency times, and how much a device is being used. These are end-point statistics and this helps understand the longevity of a piece on the network and value in the company. If that piece goes out, what else is affected – Productivity! We look for this kind of value within your structure and provide you with choices on backup solutions; power, storage or service fail-over. Most noticably are the network statistics; Round Trip Delay and Packet Lost stats help with network segment and routing issues. Percentanges and measurements can be setup to send alerts when they fall to far out of the parameters. Understand how much traffic you are using on a monthly scale with a histograph.


Automation and Alerts of your devices and events. If you partner with a full time security service to proactively monitor the endpoints of the security devices, we are made aware before you even know an issue occured. We fix the issue so you are not blindsided by the event when you need it the most. We notify you of scheduled maintenance, most times in the off-peak hours, describing the occurrence, why it effected you and manage the situation while you enjoy the peace of mind. Here are a few of the automation and alerts that become an asset with the service.
1. Client Access via Mobile/PC/MacOS.
2. Remote Access to Security Devices and endpoints.
3. Power reset of devices with PDU management.
4. Device activity link Online/Offline notifications.
5. Access to HTTP, HTTPS, RDP, SSH, and Telnet
6. Network diagnostics, Home tech integrations, Manufacturer support.
7. Proactive customer service, better information, optimized resources.

IT security services helps provide flexible company expense, improving efficiency and increasing revenue.
Talk with us today to customize a plan for your security assets.