Home Alarm Systems

Alaskan Network Security will assess your home and recommend
a system that is right for you!

To ensure your family’s safety and comfort, Home Graphicchoosing a company that understands your individual needs is an important first step! As an Alaskan owned and operated company we will be there when you need us, every time!

We offer 24/7 monitoring of alarm systems!

We can set up sensors to monitor glass break alarms, door ajar alarms, smoke alarms, window open alarms, even humidity! We are even able to trigger an alarm from a surveillance system installed by Alaskan Network Security!

Beyond intrusion detectors consider the addition of fire protection for your residential system. Every home is required to have on site smoke detectors that will alert you to a potential fire. Relying on a non-monitored smoke sensor does not guarantee you will wake up in time to get your family out safely.

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