Home Surveillance Systems

Our name represents an idea and a method. It responds to the low grade old school CCTV crowd with a clear message, we provide a better product. Network Security provided by Alaskan Network Security is cutting edge and is the new standard for the industry! Internet Protocol (IP) cameras send digital packets via a dedicated network system using modern switching interfaces!Residential_Camera_Systems

This design provides high quality image recording, storing, and playback features that cannot be matched via analog CCTV systems! We will setup unlimited high-resolution cameras to cover every area of a premises and it can all be directed to one screen or multiple monitors!

With IP cameras you get better resolution, day/night color or black and white, remote access from anywhere, record and view live simultaneously, record on motion only, no tapes to change, easy search of times and places to find activities of interest, the surveillance system can be tied to your access control and security systems, and you can set different settings per camera to generate a specific motion area and ignore other areas! We will set up everything per your requirements and our 1 or 3 year service contract will provide any additionally needed maintenance! It is truly a hands off setup!

When you have browsed with your Alaskan Network Security camera system to a specific area and time of the event, you can then either burn the video to a DVD to give to law enforcement, or save it as a file to your hard drive for personal use!

Our expertly installed camera systems can solve loss of property, monitor entryways, and deter burglaries!

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