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Our Claim!

It could be said that most businesses strive to provide great service, but what does that mean? Can they actually provide great service?

During the search for clientele, a sales team zealously markets their product, generating enthusiasm and making promises that will secure new business. They’ve oftentimes never been on the ground with the technicians – the actual service people – of said establishment.

Both the infrastructural framework that the service company has and their high overhead frequently sap funding from and raise the prices for all clients who seek their “service.” This overhead often intrudes upon what a client can purchase and level of quality that can be afforded.

Additionally, a lack of maintenance and/or lack of a standard maintenance schedule affects a customer’s opinion of the product or service purchased. All technology requires “tweaking,” and once an install has been in place for some time, it requires regular configuration updates. All too often, an install has been established, but its upkeep is sorely neglected and recedes into the dust bunnies of time.

Alaskan Network Security backs these service claims up with our partnerships, our low overhead, and our twenty years of experience in every client industry! From military bases, public schools, hospitals, office complexes, mechanics shops to – yes – even aviation, our diverse and varied experience will offer you the best value for your money.

As an Axis Authorized Channel Partner, Alaskan Network Security can provide onsite or offsite troubleshooting in the event of equipment failure as well as RMA services!

Every decision reflects our attention to detail, from camera installation standards to software management practices for enterprise systems. We seek to provide value to everyone we do business with!

Call us now and see what we can do for you!

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