What distinguishes Alaskan Network Security from other security firms?

Alaskan Network Security, LLC is a partnership; Samuel Kauffman and his partners started this company to provide exceptional service to the client and solutions for business needs; maintenance plans for surveillance systems, network management, and premises monitoring 24 hours a day. Our services are personal and professional!


Alaskan Network Security is made up of a team of experienced integrators whom study Information Technology, Cyber security, and Physical security trends; having over 25 years of experience dealing with copper and fiber cabling, telephones, printers, routers, switches, high definition network camera installations, access control solutions, alarm systems, and networking and domain administration.

Personal Attention:

Alaskan Network Security seeks to provide tailored attention to every single one of our clients to a degree the larger corporations only wish they could attend. We want to inform you so you can make a better decision, not get an upsale on product.
We provide a variety of options for these services.

Alarms and Monitoring:

Installations of alarm equipment whether for residential applications or commercial, we employ the industries standard and seek to innovate new options available on the market! Glass breaks, door sensors, thermal detectors, smoke, seismic and more send a response to the system that can actively engage surveillance systems, set off an audible alarm, and contact law enforcement all at once! Arm your system from the car with the mobile application by TotalConnect2.0 and start using smarthome electronics while away. Commercial and residential alarm hardware products are provided by Honeywell.

Access Control:

Access Control is the industries standard term for controlling the entry and exit of a building by an electronic authentication method. Most often Access Control features are installed in commercial applications, but there is nothing to wrong with making these features available to your home. With Access Control systems, you are able to gain entry to locked doors by keycard, keyfob, keytag, biometric scan, or a wide range of other methods. When a system is accessed, a detailed account of the person accessing the system is logged. Business hardware products provided by HID Global.

Network Surveillance:

Video surveillance and other High Definition network-based camera products are provided by our partners Axis Communications or Hikvision depending on client needs and are installed and certified by ANS. Exterior or interior camera placement is not just a good image, it is about pixel density, facial recognition, and scene lighting. Event notifications are the latest topic within schools, corporations, and home protection. Not just motion is relied upon for verification; line crossing or box loitering can trigger a siren, email or sms to inform you that something or someone is larking about.


Initial installations of infrastructure using fiber backbones and Cat5e or Cat6 network cable to main data facilities are available. Switching and routing solutions provided by Ubiquity, Luxul, Netgear, Cisco Solutions or HP Networks products depending on client needs and server management can also be provided. Small businesses that need wiring from desktop to server room can utilize our services when you need them.

Reward Yourself:

Alaskan Network Solutions wants to make your life easier! Let us provide custom solutions for your business such as fob or card swipe or even bio-metric access control if desired. For your home, we will provide peace of mind with an alarm system we customize and install. Control both from the phone. It will provide 24 hours of security to you and your family.

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