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Network Surveillance Vs. CCTV

Much ado has been made about the differences and the benefits of IP camera systems over the now obsolete closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems. Over our 20+ years of combined experience, we at Alaskan Network Security have encountered the unfortunate failures and limitations of CCTV technology. We would like to illustrate a couple of factors supporting our decision to offer IP video surveillance systems.

An IP camera can record two ways. First, the digital camera captures what it sees via charged coupled devices (CCDs) that transmit this signal information via data packets over standard computer networking Ethernet cable to a recording server. The second method, similar to the first, adds a data stream management feature. This feature stores the data on the camera’s own internal storage and then transmits that data during low recording times to a recording server to be stored.

In CCTV systems, cameras capture video as an analog signal and transmit this raw data via co-ax cable (this signal is low-quality compared to IP cameras). Once the raw analog signal reaches the recorder, it is converted to a digital signal by taking a curved wave and making it into blocks. This conversion causes tremendous loss of  image quality in addition to inducing higher storage requirements for the data.

IP camera technology allows for rapid retrieval and analysis of data with the ability to process it into a usable form much easier than analog. An additional feature is the opportunity to encrypt your data, which prevents images from being altered or accidentally deleted. This security feature is not available with traditional analog recording equipment.  Management of each camera device is similar to any other networking device, and your own IT staff is able to manage them. Of course, we know you have many other irons in the fire, so we offer our own management service on top of our free one-year service warranty.

Alaskan Network Security is proud to offer Axis IP network-based cameras and other products. Axis has become the industry standard in IP camera systems. Their equipment is thoroughly tested to meet shock and temperature extremes.

Axis IP camera systems are cost-effective: built on existing computer network technology that has developed fault tolerance, with battery backup solutions to meet a high data usage demand, they leverage the most value for the money you spend! These cameras are flexible with their placement –  some even having wireless capability to protect places where Ethernet cannot go.

We are excited to offer these products and bring this amazing technology to the forefront of the industry in Alaska!

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