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Unify your security system.

Unify Your Security Environment

Consolidate your security environment with Genetec’s unifying portfolio of video surveillance, access control, and automatic license plate recognition solutions. We are a proud partner of Genetec and fully support its platforms. Having had a strong presence in large applications such as universities, hospitals, industrial parks, and municipalities, the businesses in Alaska have a unique opportunity with our company’s experience and strategic partnerships.

Genetec’s platform is designed to utilize the benefits of network technology. Its platform applies IP based analytics to the field of security and is built on a rock solid open architecture incorporating
third party systems allowing for maximum flexibility, scalability, and integration into your business campus. Its design is around the core Security Center which offers the ability for your business to grow its security platform as your business needs and provides enhanced situational awareness.

“Genetec goes beyond just integration. Integration is not unification and while it can increase situational awareness, this does not translate into productivity gains.”

Information Technology (IT) departments often seek to integrate all of their systems to make management easier. However, many times it leads to “hacks” that are made in the software to provide integration. With integration, organizations are still deploying distinct security solutions from multiple vendors, purchasing multiple servers, attending multiple vendor-specific training, and maintaining several systems. We offer a better solution: Genetec. True unification allows you to deploy a single platform which embeds your multiple security systems, minimizes your IT infrastructure expenditures, and reduces your total cost of ownership. This is how we save your money and keep it for areas that are not as cut and dry!

The Genetec security system helps to reduce operational overload. It does this by the unification process of embedding the various security applications into one easy to use system. When working with two, three, or more security applications from multiple vendors, user effectiveness quickly becomes constrained. Sometimes this means dealing with over half a dozen monitoring and management applications. Operators and administrators are easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of user applications and by the amount of knowledge they need to acquire to perform their work. When you add maintenance of all those applications and upgrades over time to the equation, it is easy to see how your security and IT teams can become overloaded.

Alaskan Network Security provides 1 year of free service and support for all of our products and will see the migration through from the planning phases to the handover to the upgrades and additions. We will be right there for the monthly maintenance, new security camera additions, new door add-ons and more.

With all of this ease of use, secure platform, and support, what else is there to worry about?

Alaskan Network Security is providing Alaska the means to feel secure, to be secure, and to live secure and we have tasked our-selves and our partners to put our clients at the forefront of security system innovation. We strive to provide professional solutions to enhance life and freedom to the community of which we are a part.

It is our goal to provide consultations and installations to improve existing systems by developing successful relationships, integrating emerging products with a vision of professional service and to design new products with industry standards and forward thinking methods in mind.

We are available for free estimates. To learn more about this great product, give us a call 907-341-9837 or email us at

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