Commercial Services

Surveillance Systems

We are promoters of high definition (HD) internet protocol (IP) surveillance camera systems. The security products provided by Alaskan Network Security are cutting edge and are the new standard for the industry. IP surveillance cameras send digital packets either via an established network infrastructures or by a new dedicated network system using modern business switching interfaces.

Alarm Systems

Alaskan Network Security is proud to offer a wide range of alarm and security services that include the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of security products designed with your specific business needs in mind. These services include exterior and interior intrusion detecting devices: motion sensors, glass break sensors, door and window contacts, duress, panic, and hold up alarm devices.

Access Control

Modern access control systems allow you to control who, how, and when a person is able to enter a building, or a particular section of your facility, and provides a record afterwards. This is done by authenticating a user’s credentials via a key card or key fob with a database. The user is identified at the security checkpoint and their credentials are processed for authentication, if the user is authorized the system allows access, if not access is denied.

Data Communications

Offering professional installation of network infrastructures and data communication products, Alaskan Network Security provides a team with experienced network administrators who can design your network for you or simply implement your own design and deliver a professional installation. Wired, Wireless, or Fiber optic methods including back-haul if needed.

Residential Services

Alarm Systems

This is more than security; this is informative premise security at your fingertips. Instant notifications for ARM / Disarm events, Scheduled lighting, heating and freeze alarm at the push of the button. Weather and even Image snapshots of who disarmed your system. Honeywell - A trusted partner.

Automation Services

Products have come a long way from engineer level integration. With a desire to monitor just about anything in your home, we would like to help you incorporate that into your smart home. All the technology power within your mobile phone.

Smart Devices

The smartest device to add security to any home with WiFi, the door bell camera provides insight, from packages left at the door to kids playing pranks and running. Truly a marvel in today's technology. Smart locks and keypad entry units are just the base of smart devices available for your home.

Camera Systems

You work hard to have a home to relax at, your camera system should work hard for you. The camera provides the eyes of the property surrounding the home. Moose and Lynx set off the alerts, you can check and see them right from the smart phone.

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