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Security Solutions on the Cheap

Security is on the minds of everyone nowadays. Sometimes it comes with the thoughts of adding surveillance cameras; other times it comes with the desire to get away from them. The problem tends not to be the cameras but who is using them.

Recently, we wrote about the “Do-It-Yourself” nightmare that can occur when purchasing your own security products. These nightmares include big box camera systems that produce a fuzzy image and are harder to setup properly. Mostly, these home installations lead to an image unusable for the homeowners to identify the perpetrators because of the camera quality or because the camera was not properly positioned or secured.

To secure your home and property, nothing beats an alarm system tied to a surveillance system that can follow up with a visual of who did the break in. But are there some things you can do on a low budget that will provide security for your home? There are.

Burglars are 65.8% more likely to break into residential homes than businesses. Homes without a security system of any kind will be about 3 times more likely to be burglarized than homes with a security system. This means that the very fact of having a security system is likely to prevent burglaries. But what if you can’t afford to spend money now on a security system to avoid losing money later? Is there a way to deter break in’s without purchasing a security system? Sure.

If you chose not to install a surveillance system or alarm system at your home or business, here are a few things you can do to help protect your home/business and property.

One of the cheapest things you can do is to simply upgrade your door locks to include a strong bolting system which includes a Grade 1 Deadbolt (this is the highest grade security certificate).  Also, you can make this system accessible via a mobile device using SmartCode SmartKey devices.

Shrubs around windows are another primary method of protecting your home. The author can attest to the value of bushes that make it difficult to open a window in the house. Putting shrubs by the house and letting them grow up against the house will prevent the ability or ease of access to any part of the house.

The statement “out of sight is out of mind” is the authors’ rule of thumb. If you have items outside that are valuable, bring them in even if you need to store them in an out building. The easier it is to see your property outside, the more likely that opportunist burglars will take chances by going on your place.

For the items in your home, one of the simplest methods of maintaining the “out of sight, out of mind” is by having good blinds on every window. When you are not at home, keep those shades closed this will make a would-be criminal less likely to risk breaking into a home for nothing.

Outdoor Lighting can illuminate an area that would otherwise be susceptible to under the radar break in’s in the quiet of the night. If someone fears being caught, they can more likely be seen from an illuminated area than a dark one. A simple dusk-to-dawn light will solve this problem.  They can be a little more costly, but worth it. Also, a garage light on a motion sensor can be a major disturbing force when a burglar thinks he’s eluding the view of the home owner.

Inside your home, a motion sensing light switch can give the illusion that someone is inside as a would-be break in is about to happen. This can be a great deterrent.

Next to motion detection, is placing your Interior lights on a timer. This could be a simple garden timer attached to a desk lamp. Anything is better than nothing.

Without a doubt, a Guard dog or guard dog sign can help deter would-be criminals from destroying or stealing your property. It is important to note that a dog is more responsibility than many homeowners what to take on and you should consider this choice only if you are willing to meet the challenge of taking care of a pet.

A firearm can be a great deterrent if you are at home when the event happens. However, we urge extreme caution and for you to be very proficiently skilled with a firearm to prevent being over taken with this firearm and thus putting your life in danger.

Lastly, but certainly not least, having a good network with your neighbors and agreeing to watch each other’s property when the other is gone can greatly increase your chances of deterring a burglary. You could even go one step farther and create a neighborhood watch organization. This helps keep everyone apprised of the current environment going on around your neighborhood.

Whatever your choice is to improve your own security and protect your property, we hope you contact us to come out and give your property, residential or business, a complete evaluation and we can suggest alternatives and security products that will help you enjoy your time out in the great State of Alaska!

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