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Axis P1427-LE vs. P1357-E

Camera Comparison Between the P1427-LE and the P1357-E

Every so often, we are asked a great question by a client while evaluating their needs. While answering the question below, we felt that others might also want to learn about features and comparisons of these two great cameras. The client’s question and our subsequent reply follows:

I’ve been comparing the P1427-LE and the P1357-E trying to see which is going to be better. All the info might as well be in another language since I’m not well-versed on all the specifics. So,[I] just wanted [to get] your opinion on which is going to be better capturing either license plates or moving objects. It doesn’t sound like the price is a huge factor so let me know your opinion. They have similar frame per seconds and megapixels, so just wanted to know the major differences and which would be better for what we need.

This is a great question! We recommend the Axis P1357-E over the P1427-E for a few reasons. Although the P1427-E is a smaller form factor, the benefit is actually in the construction of the P1357-E. For long distances with cold environments the P1357-E is enclosed in a larger housing with a built-in heater. An Axis T8642 encoder can be added to convert the IP data to a Coax data stream which offers 25.5Watts of POE+ power and provides an extended range over the standard IP maximum cable length for a total distance over the coax of 1600 feet.

When the 25.5Watts of power are needed for heater/blower assembly in the P1357-E, the housing will then be able to withstand -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature resistance is really the secondary reason for choosing this camera model; the primary reason is the size of the device. The size offers durability against brute force and it is easily visible from passer-by individuals. Additionally the visor of the box works better for shading against the sun and other elements and unlike the P1427-E, the visor will not come off without unscrewing it.

In all models of camera, the main thing beyond the megapixels and resolution (1080 / 720) will be the color and black and white (night time) lux luminescent levels. The two cameras here are relatively close in comparison, but the P1357-E does produce a better picture in comparison to light. Since the two cameras will be regulated at a specific frame per second to capture at 5 MP, our focus will be on the motion of the event being captured. Lighting will be difficult to control, being outdoors and at a gate; either of these two would perform fine at the location in which we are placing them. I would propose to use the P1357-E as the dominant choice overall.

P1427‐E allows less light into the aperture. Color: lux 0.35 at F1.6 BK/W: lux 0.07 at F1.6 vs P1357‐E allows more light into the aperture. Color: lux 0.2 at F1.2 BK/W: lux 0.04 at F1.2

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